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How to Title & Register a Moped


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The registration and titling requirements for mopeds vary from state to state. 

In many states, a moped title and registration is not required. Other states have a special registration and license plate designed for low-speed, small displacement mopeds. While others may treat the moped the same as they do a motorcycle. 

If that is the case in your state, you can check out our useful guides on titling and registering a motorcycle:

How to Get a Title for a Moped

The steps for getting a title for your moped will depend on:

  • If your state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) even issues moped titles. 
  • Whether you bought the moped used from a private seller or through a dealer. 

If your state doesn’t issue moped titles, there’s not much you can do to get one. 

If you’ve bought the moped from a dealer, you should be provided with an MCO or Certificate of Origin, which you’ll be able to present to the DMV as proof of ownership to get a pink slip.

If you’ve purchased the moped used from a private party, you’ll need to be sure to get:

  • The previous title that has been filled out and signed by the seller. 
  • A Bill of Sale. 

If your state DMV issues moped titles, you’ll be able to take your proof of ownership paperwork to the DMV to complete a new title application and pay the moped title fee. 

How to Get a Title for a Moped that Doesn’t Have One

If you want to buy a used moped that doesn’t have a title, you’re not totally out of luck.

However, you should first make sure that the moped isn’t stolen by checking the VIN or checking with your local law enforcement agency. 

Some options to get a title for a moped that doesn’t have one include:

  • Asking the seller to apply for a duplicate title first. 
  • Using the Bill of Sale and any previous registration documents as proof of ownership. 
  • Registering the moped in a state that doesn’t require titles for certain vehicles (i.e. Vermont.)

How to Register a Moped

Some states do not have any title, registration, or insurance requirements for mopeds that are 49cc or less and capable of speeds of no more than 30mph.

You can learn more about the definitions and differences of scooters vs. mopeds here. 

If your state requires moped registration, you’ll need to:

  • Provide proof of ownership of the moped (title, MCO, Bill of Sale, etc.).
  • Complete a moped registration application. 
  • Provide proof of moped insurance, if necessary. 
  • Pay the moped license plate fee. 

Some states only require a one-time fee for moped registrations, while others may require you to renew your tags like you would a scooter or motorcycle. 

After submitting your application and paying the fees, you’ll either receive your new plate on the spot or you’ll need to wait a few weeks until it is mailed to you. 

Before you ride your moped on public roads, you should check if you need a moped license or motorcycle license.

State Moped Laws for License & Registration

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