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How Much Does a Snowmobile Costs (Average Prices by Engine Size)


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The cost of a snowmobile can vary depending on a number of factors. Unfortunately, it’s not a cheap hobby. 

This page will give you an idea of what you can expect to spend on a new or used sled, and the factors that go into the estimated MSRP.

Snowmobile Price

The price of the average snowmobile ranges from $3,000 to $19,000 depending on the size and type.

The average price of a snowmobile is about $12,000.

Read more to learn about what goes into the total cost of a snowmobile, and the average cost by type and size.

How Much Does a Snowmobile Cost

A new snowmobile, especially the newest model year, will obviously be your most expensive option. 

But, there are some benefits of going brand new. For one, you’ll get the latest features and technology on your sled. 

You also won’t have to worry too much about old/worn parts or neglected maintenance as if you were buying used. 

The cost of a snowmobile will depend on:

  • The engine size and type. 
  • The type of skis and track. 
  • The style of snowmobile and any additional features. 
  • The make, model, and model year. 

One of the biggest factors in determining the overall price of the sled is the engine size. The bigger the engine, the bigger, faster, and more powerful the snowmobile will be. 

You can learn more about the size and weight of a snowmobile here. 

In general, the most expensive types of snowmobiles will include Trail, Mountain, Deep Snow, and Utility machines. 

Recreation, Sport, and Youth sleds will generally be smaller, lighter, and less expensive. 

Refer to the table below to get an idea of the average snowmobile price based on engine size.

Snowmobile Engine SizeAverage PriceEstimated MSRP Range
800cc to 1000cc+$15,500$12,500 to $19,000
600cc to 700cc$12,250$6,500 to $16,500
400cc to 550cc$8,850$6,000 to $,10,500
120cc to 200cc$3,750$3,000 to $4,500

For more details on the cost of snowmobile, check out the estimated cost by the top snowmobile manufacturers below. 

Arctic Cat Snowmobiles

Arctic Cat snowmobiles range in price between about $3,000 for a smaller, Youth model up to $18,000 for their top of the line machines. 

Snowmobile MakeModelEstimated Price/MSRPTypeEngine Size (CC)
Arctic CatZR Thundercat$17,695Trail998cc
Arctic CatM Mountain Cat Alpha One$15,745Mountain794cc
Arctic CatM Hardcore Alpha One$15,295Mountain794cc
Arctic CatRiot X$14,545Crossover794cc
Arctic CatZR RR$13,795Trail599cc/794cc
Arctic CatNorseman$13,495Sport Utility794cc
Arctic CatZR Limited$13,395Trail599cc/794cc
Arctic CatRiot$12,895Crossover794cc
Arctic CatBlast XR Touring$8,995Mid-Sized400cc
Arctic CatBlast XR$8,665Mid-Sized400cc
Arctic CatBlast M$8,665Mid-Sized400cc
Arctic CatBlast LT$8,665Mid-Sized400cc
Arctic CatBlast ZR$8,255Mid-Sized400cc
Arctic CatZR 200$4,535Youth192cc
Arctic CatZR 120$3,305Youth123cc

Polaris Snowmobiles

Polaris snowmobiles range from about $3,500 for a Youth sled to $17,000 for their full-feature machines. 

Snowmobile MakeModelEstimated Price/MSRPTypeEngine Size (CC)
PolarisINDY Adventure X2$16,699Trail650cc
PolarisRMK Khaos$16,299Mountain840cc
PolarisTITAN Adventure 155$16,099Widetrack795cc
PolarisSwitchback Assault$15,899Crossover650cc
PolarisPRO RMK Slash$15,899Mountain840cc
PolarisINDY Adventure$15,699Trail650cc
PolarisINDY VR1$15,299Trail650cc
PolarisRMK Khaos Slash$15,099Mountain650cc
PolarisINDY XCR$14,799Trail650cc
PolarisSwitchback XC$14,399Crossover650cc
PolarisVoyageur 146$14,399Recreation650cc
PolarisPRO RMK$14,299Mountain650cc
PolarisINDY XC$13,799Trail650cc
PolarisSKS 149$13,199Mountain650cc
PolarisSwitchback SP$13,199Crossover650cc
PolarisINDY SP$12,999Trail650cc
Polaris550 INDY Adventure$10,499Recreation544cc
Polaris550 INDY LXT$9,699Recreation544cc
PolarisSwitchback Sport$9,499Crossover544cc
Polaris550 Voyageur$9,399Recreation544cc
PolarisINDY Sport$8,999Trail544cc
PolarisRMK EVO$7,599New Rider544cc
PolarisINDY EVO$7,399New Rider544cc
Polaris120 INDY$3,699Youth121cc

Ski-Doo Snowmobiles

Ski-Doo offers snowmobile models ranging from about $3,500 to $16,000, depending on the size, type, and features. 

Snowmobile MakeModelEstimated Price/MSRPTypeEngine Size (CC)
Ski-DooFreeride$15,949Deep Snow850cc
Ski-DooSummit$13,499Deep Snow850cc
Ski-DooGrand Touring$10,449Trail600cc/900cc
Ski-DooSkandic$9,699Sport Utility600cc/900cc
Ski-DooTundra$8,549Sport Utility600cc
Ski-DooSummit Neo$6,999Deep Snow600cc
Ski-DooMXZ Neo$6,399Trail600cc
Ski-DooMXZ 120/200$3,699Youth120cc/200cc

Yamaha Snowmobiles

You can find a Yamaha snowmobile from $3,000 for a Youth model up to $19,000 for their largest sleds. 

Snowmobile MakeModelEstimated Price/MSRPTypeEngine Size (CC)
YamahaSidewinder S-TX GT EPS$18,899Utility/2-up998cc
YamahaSidewinder SRX LE$18,099Trail998cc
YamahaSidewinder L-TX LE$17,999Trail998cc
YamahaSidewinder L-TX GT EPS$17,499Trail998cc
YamahaSidewinder X-TX LE 146$17,499Crossover998cc
YamahaSidewinder X-TX SE 149$16,499Crossover998cc
YamahaSidewinder L-TX SE$15,999Trail998cc
YamahaSRViper L-TX GT$14,599Trail1,049cc
YamahaMountain Max LE 165$14,399Mountain794cc
YamahaVK Professional II$13,999Utility/2-up1,049cc
YamahaMountain Max LE 154$13,999Mountain794cc
YamahaMountain Max LE 154 SL$13,699Mountain794cc
YamahaRS Venture TF$13,349Utility/2-up1,049cc
YamahaTransporter 800$12,999Utility/2-up794cc
YamahaTransporter Lite 2-up$9,199Utility/2-up397cc
YamahaSXVenom Mountain$8,699Mountain397cc
YamahaTransporter Lite$8,699Utility/2-up397cc
YamahaSnoscoot ES$4,499Youth192cc

How Much Does a Used Snowmobile Cost

A used snowmobile will save you money upfront, but may come with hidden costs later on. It’s important to do your research to make sure you’re getting the right sled at the right price. 

On average, you can usually find a decent used snowmobile for anywhere between $2,000 to $9,000 depending on how old it is, the make, the type, and the size. 

What to look for when buying a used snowmobile?

When shopping for a used snowmobile, it’s important to know what to look for. 

Before you make the purchase, you’ll want to make sure that:

  • It’s the type and size of snowmobile that fits your needs. 
  • It has been well maintained. 
  • There are no major damages or repairs it needs. 
  • The make, model, and model year isn’t known for issues. 
  • The seller seems trustworthy and you get to know the history of the sled. 

To start, you should talk to the owner to get an idea of the snowmobile’s history. Try to find out how it was ridden and maintained. 

Do some research into the specific year, make, and model sled to find out if there are any common problems that people experience with it. 

Give the sled a visual inspection to look for any obvious damage, including:

  • Damage to the tunnel and bulkhead. 
  • Misalignment or damage to the suspension. 
  • Evidence of leaks or cracks. 
  • Rust or corrosion. 
  • That the skis move and the track rotates properly. 

Next, try to start the sled cold to see if it starts up, idles, and runs properly. 

Listen for any obviously knocking, rattling, or other sounds that would indicate internal engine problems. 

If possible, take it for a test ride or raise the sled to check its performance at different throttle positions.

If it all checks out, you may just have yourself a great deal. 

How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Snowmobile

Renting a snowmobile can be another good option if you’re new to sledding or you don’t live close enough to (or go frequently enough) to trails and riding areas. 

The cost to rent a snowmobile will vary depending on:

  • What type of sled you want to rent. 
  • Where you are. 
  • The time of year. 
  • Guided or self-guided rentals. 
  • Whether fuel, gear, etc. is included in the price of not. 

In more popular locations and during the peak season, a snowmobile rental can cost up to $100 or more per hour. 

A full day rental can cost anywhere from $250 to $450. 

Many snowmobile rental outfits will offer multi-day packages and discounted rates. 

In general, you can expect to pay much more on a weekend than you would on a weekday rental. 

But, renting is a good option to get a feel for different types of sleds to help you make the decision to buy one of your own. 

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