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Snowmobile Engine Sizes, Weight, and Dimensions

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Before you select the right snowmobile to buy, it’s a good idea to get familiar with the various engine sizes, overall weight, and dimensions. 

Just like motorcycles, dirt bikes, and ATVs, snowmobiles come in a variety of specs and sizes. It all depends on:

  • The type and size of the engine. 
  • The types of tracks and skis equipped. 
  • Any additional features and options on the snowmobile. 

Continue reading to get into the details and learn about the average weight and size for a typical snowmobile. 

Snowmobile Engine Sizes & Horsepower

Snowmobiles come in a variety of engine sizes and designs. You can find:

  • 2-stroke snowmobiles.
  • 4-stroke snowmobiles. 
  • Turbo engines. 
  • Carbureted engines. 
  • Fuel-injected engines. 
  • 1 to 4 cylinders. 

Snowmobile engines range from 120cc up to 1000cc+.

Smaller engines are reserved for Youth models, while the largest engines can be found on the most powerful trail and crossover models. 

The most common snowmobile engine size is about 600cc to 900cc. 

A snowmobile’s HP, or horsepower, will depend on the size and type of engine it has. 

For a general idea of how much HP a snowmobile engine may have, refer to the table below:

Snowmobile Engine SizeEstimated HP
120cc to 200cc4 to 12
300cc to 450cc50 to 70
500cc to 650cc85 to 150
800cc to 900cc160 to 180

Here is a list of available engine sizes from the top snowmobile brands:

Snowmobile MakeModelTypeEngine Size (CC)
Arctic CatZR ThundercatTrail998cc
Arctic CatM Mountain Cat Alpha OneMountain794cc
Arctic CatM Hardcore Alpha OneMountain794cc
Arctic CatRiot XCrossover794cc
Arctic CatNorsemanSport Utility794cc
Arctic CatRiotCrossover794cc
Arctic CatZR RRTrail599cc/794cc
Arctic CatZR LimitedTrail599cc/794cc
Arctic CatBlast XR TouringMid-Sized400cc
Arctic CatBlast XRMid-Sized400cc
Arctic CatBlast MMid-Sized400cc
Arctic CatBlast LTMid-Sized400cc
Arctic CatBlast ZRMid-Sized400cc
Arctic CatZR 200Youth192cc
Arctic CatZR 120Youth123cc
PolarisRMK KhaosMountain840cc
PolarisPRO RMK SlashMountain840cc
PolarisTITAN Adenvture 155Widetrack795cc
PolarisINDY Adventure X2Trail650cc
PolarisSwitchback AssaultCrossover650cc
PolarisINDY AdventureTrail650cc
PolarisINDY VR1Trail650cc
PolarisRMK Khaos SlashMountain650cc
PolarisINDY XCRTrail650cc
PolarisSwitchback XCCrossover650cc
PolarisVoyageur 146Recreation650cc
PolarisPRO RMKMountain650cc
PolarisINDY XCTrail650cc
PolarisSKS 149Mountain650cc
PolarisSwitchback SPCrossover650cc
PolarisINDY SPTrail650cc
Polaris550 INDY AdventureRecreation544cc
Polaris550 INDY LXTRecreation544cc
PolarisSwitchback SportCrossover544cc
Polaris550 VoyageurRecreation544cc
PolarisINDY SportTrail544cc
PolarisRMK EVONew Rider544cc
PolarisINDY EVONew Rider544cc
Polaris120 INDYYouth121cc
Ski-DooFreerideDeep Snow850cc
Ski-DooSummitDeep Snow850cc
Ski-DooGrand TouringTrail600cc/900cc
Ski-DooSkandicSport Utility600cc/900cc
Ski-DooTundraSport Utility600cc
Ski-DooSummit NeoDeep Snow600cc
Ski-DooMXZ NeoTrail600cc
Ski-DooMXZ 120/200Youth120cc/200cc
YamahaSidewinder S-TX GT EPSUtility/2-up998cc
YamahaSidewinder SRX LETrail998cc
YamahaSidewinder L-TX LETrail998cc
YamahaSidewinder L-TX GT EPSTrail998cc
YamahaSidewinder X-TX LE 146Crossover998cc
YamahaSidewinder X-TX SE 149Crossover998cc
YamahaSidewinder L-TX SETrail998cc
YamahaMountain Max LE 165Mountain794cc
YamahaMountain Max LE 154Mountain794cc
YamahaMountain Max LE 154 SLMountain794cc
YamahaTransporter 800Utility/2-up794cc
YamahaTransporter Lite 2-upUtility/2-up397cc
YamahaSXVenom MountainMountain397cc
YamahaTransporter LiteUtility/2-up397cc
YamahaSnoscoot ESYouth192cc
YamahaSRViper L-TX GTTrail1,049cc
YamahaVK Professional IIUtility/2-up1,049cc
YamahaRS Venture TFUtility/2-up1,049cc

How Much Does a Snowmobile Weigh?

On average, a full-sized snowmobile will weigh about 500 lbs. 

The dry weight range will typically vary between about 400 to 650 pounds depending on:

  • The engine size. 
  • The engine type. 
  • The track type. 
  • The skis.
  • Suspension. 
  • Additional features and add on. 

Smaller, youth snowmobiles will weigh much less at about 200 to 300 lbs. 

In general, a 4-stroke snowmobile will be heavier than a 2-stroke. 

Typically, a heavier and larger snowmobile is going to be faster, more powerful, and more stable than a lighter one. 

Lighter snowmobiles will have less speed and power, but may be easier to turn and maneuver. 

How Long is a Snowmobile?

On average, a snowmobile will be anywhere from 115 to 140 inches long, or about 9 ½ to 12 feet.

Youth models may be shorter than 115.”

The overall length of a snowmobile will vary depending on:

  • The type of snowmobile it is (deep snow, crossover, utility, etc.)
  • The size of the skis and track. 

Overall length is measured from the end of the skis to the end of the track/tail of the snowmobile. 

How Wide is a Snowmobile?

Snowmobiles are about 40 to 50 inches wide, on average. 

Overall width is measured from the widest point of the snowmobile. 

Like it’s length and weight, width will depend on the type of snowmobile, the size of the skis, and the size of the chassis/body. 

Will a Snowmobile Fit in Your Truck or Trailer?

If you’re thinking about carrying your snowmobile in the back of your pickup truck or trailer, you’ll generally need a bed that’s at least 10 to 12 feet long. 

While smaller sized snowmobiles may fit in a 4×8’ truck or trailer, something larger will be easier to load and secure. 

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