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Snowmobile Top Speeds: How fast can a snowmobile go?

While some snowmobiles are certainly fast, speed isn’t necessarily the most appealing part of a snowmobile. 

A snowmobile’s speed will also depend on more than just the size of the engine too. 

On this page we’ll break down the estimated top speed ranges for snowmobiles based on their size, plus we’ll get into the factors that affect a sled’s top speed. 

Learn more about how a snowmobile works here. 

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How Fast Can a Snowmobile Go? 

The first thing that’s going to determine how fast a snowmobile can go is it’s engine size (CC), type (2-stroke vs. 4-stroke), and other design features. 

On average, most snowmobiles are designed with top speeds 70 to 120 mph. 

Refer to the table below for snowmobile top speeds by engine size.

Snowmobile Engine Size (CC)Estimate Top Speeds
120cc to 200cc10 to 30 mph
400cc to 600cc70 to 100 mph
800cc to 1000cc+100 to 120 mph

You can read more about different snowmobile sizes here. 

How fast does an 800cc snowmobile go?

800cc+ is the typical engine size of the largest snowmobiles on the market. 

At this size, you can expect top speeds of up to 120 mph or more.

How fast does a 600cc snowmobile go?

An engine size of around 600cc is one of the most common snowmobile sizes, and a great choice for many riders. 

Depending on the design, a 600cc snowmobile is capable of top speeds of around 100 mph.

How fast does a 440cc snowmobile go?

400cc to 440cc snowmobile models often fall into the new rider or beginner category of sleds. 

This size snowmobile is typically capable of top speeds of around 75 to 80 mph. 

Factors that Affect a Snowmobile’s Top Speed

Unlike off-road vehicles with wheels like an ATV or dirt bike, snowmobiles have more things that affect their top speeds. 

The factors that will determine a snowmobile’s speed include:

  • The design of the track and skis. 
  • The engine size, type, and power. 
  • The wind conditions and aerodynamics of the snowmobile. 
  • The weight of the rider and the sled. 
  • The conditions of the snow or ice. 

Aside from the engine, the riding surface is one of the next biggest factors in determining how fast you’ll be able to go on your snowmobile. 

In deep powder, there is much more drag, and you will not be able to go as fast. On hard pack snow or ice, there is far less drag and you’ll be able to achieve a higher speed. 

While speed and momentum are your friend when learning how to ride a snowmobile, you’ll need to make sure you’re in full control when you ride at high speeds. 

What is the fastest snowmobile?

The fastest production snowmobile is the Yamaha Sidewinder SRX LE. 

It features a 998cc 4-stroke turbo engine with electronic fuel injection and a YSRC clutch/transmission. 

It can achieve a top speed of over 120 mph.

The key piece of the fastest snowmobile’s speed is the 998cc Genesis Turbo Engine and the performance clutch and transmission system. These are designed to deliver the most power as quickly as possible.

Additional features that make the Sidewinder SRX LE built for speed include:

  • An SRV chassis layout designed to centralize the mass for better balance and handling.
  • A low profile track to minimize drag, friction, and weight.
  • Race-oriented suspension.

You guessed it. A faster, more powerful snowmobile is also going to be more expensive. Learn more about how much a snowmobile costs

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