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How Much Can Motorcycle Insurance Cost for an 18 Year Old?

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Young riders and drivers come with a lot of excitement and enthusiasm, but not always a whole lot of caution or experience.

Whether it’s an 18-year-old behind the wheel of a car or on the back of a motorcycle, they can be some of the most dangerous people on the road. And that means when it comes to motorcycle insurance costs for those under 21, premiums are going to be higher than average—sometimes significantly so.

If you’re an 18-year-old looking at getting your first bike or just trying to get insured on someone else’s policy, you’ll want to buckle up (or in this case put on your helmet!) before reading any further, because we’re about to explore how much motorcycle insurance can cost for an 18-year-old.

Motorcycle Insurance For Younger Riders

Generally speaking, insurance companies view younger riders as higher risk than more experienced ones.

So an 18-year-old rider can expect to pay more for their coverage than someone who is a few years older and has a few more miles under their belt.

That said, the exact premium you’ll pay will depend on a few factors – including:

  • Where you live.
  • What kind of bike you have.
  • Your overall driving record. 

Yup, that’s right. If you’ve racked up a number of traffic tickets and accidents in a regular automobile, you can expect your motorcycle insurance rates to be higher as well.

Cost of Motorcycle Insurance Vs. Car Insurance For 18-Year-Olds

When it comes to 18-year-olds, the cost of motorcycle insurance is almost as expensive as car insurance.

This is due to the fact that motorcycles as a whole are seen as riskier and more dangerous vehicles than cars.

On average, an 18-year-old driver can expect to pay anywhere from $900 – $1,000 annually for a motorcycle policy while car insurance will typically cost around $1,700 – $2,500 per year. 

Factors Affecting Cost

When it comes to insurance for 18-year-old riders, there are a few key factors that play into the cost of your coverage. These include: 

  • The type of bike you have: If you’re insuring a sportbike or a “crotch rocket” rather than a scooter or cruiser, expect to pay higher premiums. 
  • Your driving record: If you have tickets or accidents on your record, it can cause your rates to go up. 
  • Where you live: Some states are just more expensive when it comes to insurance costs – so if you live in one of these, expect higher premiums. 
  • The age of the bike: A newer bike vs an older one may cost more to insure.
  • The type of coverage you choose: Full coverage will be more expensive than basic liability, but it can save you a lot of money in the long run if something goes wrong. 

In the end, motorcycle insurance for an 18-year-old is going to be more costly than for drivers who are over 21 – but how much depends on a variety of factors.

Shopping around and comparing quotes from different insurers can help you find the best deal for your situation. Just make sure you’re getting quality coverage that won’t leave you unprotected if something happens out on the road! 

Getting the Lowest Rate

Want to lower your rate? Of course, you do. Here are some tricks that might be able to get you a lower rate for your motorcycle insurance:

  • Compare quotes from multiple insurance companies to secure the best rates.
  • Choose an older bike with a good safety record and low repair costs. 
  • Take a motorcycle safety course to demonstrate your skills and knowledge on the road, which could lead to discounts on your premiums.  
  • Maintain a safe driving record by avoiding tickets or accidents that could raise your rates in the future. 
  • Opt for basic liability coverage over full coverage if you’re not able to afford it – this will still provide some protection against property damage and medical costs but won’t cover theft or repairs after an accident at all times (unlike full coverage). 
  • Increase deductibles as much as possible while still remaining confident in being able to pay them should something happen down the line; higher deductibles typically reduce monthly payments significantly.
  • Look into special discounts offered by certain insurers such as multi-bike policies, loyalty rewards programs, etc., that can save money on a yearly basis too!

Is It Cheaper to be on Parents’ Insurance?

No. Being put on a parent’s insurance policy won’t necessarily save you money in the long run, as most policies don’t allow for one person to be listed as the primary driver of multiple vehicles. The only way it could be cheaper is if you manage to trick your folks into paying for the policy for you. Good luck with that.

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