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How Many Miles Will a Motorcycle Last?

Are you looking for a reliable and long-lasting motorcycle?

Many factors come into play when determining how many miles a motorcycle can last.

From the type of bike to regular maintenance, there are several things that can affect the longevity of your ride.

We’ll explore some of these key elements so you can make an informed decision about which motorcycle is right for you.

We’ll also discuss what kind of mileage you should expect from different types of motorcycles and provide tips on extending their life span.

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How Long Will a Motorcycle Last?

There is no definitive answer to this question as the mileage of a motorcycle can vary tremendously.

A bike’s overall lifespan depends on numerous factors including:

  • How it is used.
  • How it has been maintained.
  • Its age.
  • The type of terrain it is ridden on.

Generally speaking, a well-maintained and regularly serviced bike should last about 50,000 miles. However, some models can last up to 100,000 miles or more with proper care.

The type of bike you choose will also affect its longevity as some models are designed for longer distances and more rugged terrain than others.

Cruisers and touring bikes are generally built for long-distance highway riding and tend to be more rugged than sportbikes. Endurance bikes are also designed for long rides and can handle different types of terrain.

Now, were talking about how long a bike will last BEFORE any major work needs to be done. If you’re willing and have the budget for it, you could probably keep your motorcycle on the road indefinitely by replacing parts and major components as needed.

What is considered high mileage?

High mileage is typically any bike that has gone beyond 20,000 miles.

While many makes and models can last far longer with proper care, a motorcycle’s performance may begin to diminish after this point. This is also where bigger repair and maintenance work will be required.

The bike may require more frequent maintenance and parts may need to be replaced more often in order for the bike to stay reliable.

Tips to Keep Your Motorcycle in Top Condition

No matter what type of motorcycle you have, it’s important to keep up regular maintenance in order to extend its life.

Here are some helpful tips you can use to ensure your bike lasts as long as possible.

  • Check the oil and other fluids regularly.
  • Keep the tires inflated to their proper pressure.
  • Get regular tune-ups.
  • Clean and wax the body of the bike.

By following these simple steps, you can ensure your motorcycle stays in optimal condition for a long time. With proper care, you may even be able to surpass the 50,000-mile mark with many makes and models.

1. Check the oil and other fluids regularly

Change the oil and filter at the intervals specified in your motorcycle service manual.

This is especially important after long rides.

Learn how to check and change your motorcycle oil.

2. Keep the tires inflated to their proper pressure

Properly inflated tires with the recommended tread depth are another important part of motorcycle maintenance.

This helps with gas mileage and can reduce wear and tear on the bike.

3. Get regular tune-ups

Regular maintenance for your motorcycle is key.

Have a motorcycle mechanic check your bike at least once a year so they can evaluate any potential problems. 

Get into the habit of inspecting your bike regularly and taking care of any issues you spot.

4. Clean and wax the bike

A clean bike is a healthy bike.

This will protect it from the elements and keep it looking at its best.

A thorough and regular cleaning will also alert you to any potential damage or issues that merit further inspection.

Learn how to clean your motorcycle.

Major Repairs & Service to Expect

Like any machine, over time motorcycles can require major repairs and service.

The frequency of these services will depend on how often the bike is ridden and if regular maintenance is performed.

Beyond standard routine maintenance, you can expect some significant repairs involving carburetor issues, fuel tank rust, electrical problems, weak brakes, and worn-out tires.

It’s important to budget for these potential issues, especially if you plan on keeping your bike for a long time.