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Do You Need a Motorcycle License to Get Motorcycle Insurance?

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You might be surprised to know that you don’t necessarily need a motorcycle license in order to get motorcycle insurance. If you own a bike that you don’t plan on riding, you may not see the point in getting a motorcycle license, but you may still want to get it insured just in case anything happens to it.

You should still be able to get motorcycle insurance without a motorcycle license. However, it might take some research and calls to find an insurer that is willing to provide you with coverage without having a motorcycle license.

Motorcycle License Requirements for Insurance

While you might be able to get motorcycle insurance without a license, it is still highly recommended that you get your motorcycle license before applying for coverage.

Not only can having a license help you find more affordable rates, but it also helps ensure that any claims you make will be covered.  (Learn more about the cost of motorcycle insurance.)

The reason why some insurers require that policyholders have a motorcycle license is that it shows that you are a responsible rider who knows the rules of the road and can safely operate a motorcycle. 

Having a valid license proves to insurers that you have taken the time to learn about motorcycles and understand safety measures such as wearing protective gear. Some insurance companies may also require you to take a motorcycle safety course in order to qualify for coverage. 

Effect on Premiums

Not having a motorcycle license can affect the cost of your premium. Insurers may see you as a higher risk to insure and charge you more for coverage. 

However, if you have been riding safely without incident for a few years, insurers might be willing to give you lower rates due to your experience.

Additionally, having other forms of insurance such as homeowner’s or car insurance can also help reduce the cost of your motorcycle insurance. 

You don’t absolutely need a motorcycle license to get insurance in most cases, but having one is always recommended. However, if you do decide to go without a license be sure to shop around for the best rates and look for any discounts that may apply. 

Motorcycle Insurance for Bikes You Do Not Plan to Ride

If you own a bike that you don’t plan on riding, it’s still important to have it insured. Accidents can happen even when the motorcycle is not in use, so having insurance coverage will protect you from any liabilities or damages if something were to go wrong with your bike. 

Many insurers offer specific policies for bikes that are not being ridden, so be sure to look into those options in order to get the coverage you need for your bike. 

Lastly, remember that having a motorcycle license may still have some benefits when it comes to insuring your bike even if you don’t plan on riding it. In some cases, insurers may offer discounts or other incentives based on having a valid license, so be sure to investigate before making any decisions. 

Having the right motorcycle insurance coverage is key for protecting your bike and keeping you safe on the road, so make sure you have the coverage you need regardless of whether or not you have a motorcycle license.