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How to Park a Motorcycle on a Hill


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Motorcycle parking in general leaves many riders scratching their heads.

Parking a motorcycle on a hill can be an intimidating task for even the most experienced riders.

Not only is it difficult to get your balance just right, but you also have to contend with gravity and other factors that could lead to disaster if you don’t park correctly. 

But fear not. With these simple tips and tricks, you’ll be able to confidently park your bike no matter how steep the incline.

From techniques for balancing your ride as you approach the spot, to methods of keeping it securely in place once parked, we’ve got all bases covered so that you can feel like a pro when parking on hills.

So let’s jump right in and learn how to conquer this tricky task with confidence.

Tips for Parking a Motorcycle on a Slope

If you need to park your car on a slope, consider these tips to ensure the safety of you and your bike:

  • Every slope is different and every bike is different: No two spots on a slope are going to be exactly the same. You may need to adjust your bike before you find the ideal angle at which to park on a slope so that gravity isn’t working too hard against your bike. 
  • Look for an uphill spot. It’s considerably easier to park uphill rather than downhill.
  • If there is a curb, have your rear tire (if parking uphill) or front tire (if parking downhill) touching it. This will act as a makeshift parking brake.
  • Leave your motorcycle in gear to give it resistance and help ensure it stays in place while parked. 

Parking Uphill

Parking uphill is almost always easier and preferable to parking downhill.

To park your motorcycle uphill take these steps:

  1. Turn your handlebars in the direction of the curb. 
  2. Start to roll up the hill as you gently apply a bit of pressure on the back brake and twist the throttle slightly. This will help keep your balance as you inch closer to the curb. 
  3. Once you are close enough, squeeze both brakes fully and settle into place. Make sure that your tires are touching the curb and that your bike is properly balanced before releasing it. 
  4. Put your kickstand down and leave your motorcycle in gear. 

Parking Downhill

The biggest tip for parking downhill? Ride around and find an uphill spot, well, if there absolutely isn’t anywhere to park on a flat surface.

If you have to park downhill, angle to bike and have your front tire touching the curb (not advisable to idea to park downhill with no curb), keep in mind that you’re going to have to back up against gravity so leave plenty of space, and leave your bike in gear when parked to help it not roll away.

Again, the best move here is to avoid parking downhill altogether. 

What gear should the bike be in?

When parking a motorcycle on a hill, it is important to leave your motorcycle in gear for added security.

This will give the bike resistance and help ensure that it stays in place while parked.

You can leave it parked in first gear to help make sure it stays in place while parked on a hill.