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Phoebe’s Cheap Little Kick Start

“So, completely new to bikes.

Yet to do my CBT, so picked up a cheap little kick start dirt bike to start on, knowing she needed some electrical work, but not quite to the extent I’ve now discovered.

The mains are 12v and everything is linked together with terrible splicing and electric tape (not even shrink wrap) there’s wires exposed and the exhaust is held on with shoddy soldering and rubber putty.

The mains wires are tucked under the seat nestled in a variety of cable ties, duct tape, and beautifully presented wrapped in a bin bag with yet more electrical tape.

I’m amazed he was even able to deliver this bike, to say it’s unsafe is politely phrasing it.

My budget is around £600-£800 and with a little love and help from some mates rates she could be a lush bike.”